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20/08/2023 20
Aug 2023

Faithfully – The Power of God

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

Faithfully – The Power of God 20 August 2023 Rev Miak Siew  First off, I want to talk about why we are doing this Faithfully series. We wanted to tackle some “doctrines” of Christianity so that we have a deeper understanding of how they came about, and explore where we go from […]

06/08/2023 06
Aug 2023

Faithfully – Responsible Grace

Speaker: Ps Pauline Ong / Comments: 0

Faithfully: Responsible Grace1 John 4:7-8, Psalm 1036 August 2023 Prayer May the words of my mouth and the meditations of all our hearts be acceptable to you, God, Earth-maker, Pain-Bearer, Life-Giver whose grace is more than sufficient for us. Amen. Today, we are changing gears and starting on a new […]

30/07/2023 30
Jul 2023

Wholeheartedly – Wounded Healers

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

Wholeheartedly: Wounded Healers 30 July 2023 Miak Siew (FCC)  Today, I am going to preach from a not-so-popular passage – the story of Cain and Abel – because whether it is FCC, or any other church – murder isn’t exactly a topic to explore.   Genesis 4:1-16  Now the man knew his wife Eve, […]

23/07/2023 23
Jul 2023

Wholeheartedly – Wheat and Weeds

Speaker: David Huang / Comments: 0

23 July 2023 – The Wheat and the Weeds  David Huang  PRAYER AND READING  Good morning! My name is David and I’m honored to be sharing God’s word with you this morning.  At FCC we use MENTI as a way to let you engage directly with the sermon, and share […]

16/07/2023 16
Jul 2023

Wholeheartedly – Freedom and Boundaries

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

Wholeheartedly: Freedom and Boundaries  16 July 2023  Miak Siew  I am going to start where Gary left off –   “We are called to create an environment as community where people can belong to each other and not just fit in.        This is the church redeeming its purpose to be […]

09/07/2023 09
Jul 2023

Wholeheartedly – Identity & Belonging

Speaker: Gary Chan / Comments: 0

Wholeheartedly – Identity & Belonging 09 JUL 2023  We continue our series on Wholeheartedly and we are going to build on what we learnt in the previous sermons and speak about the topic of Belonging today.  Let me begin with this quote from Brene Brown from her book Atlas of the […]

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