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03/07/2022 03
Jul 2022

Speaking Differently – Identity

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

We continue our sermon series “Speaking Differently,” and today we explore the idea of identity. Speaking differently requires us first to open ourselves up to another way of perceiving things – listening differently, seeing differently, interpreting differently. And how we perceive things often hinge on our identity – who we […]

01/05/2022 01
May 2022

Meeting Saul

Speaker: Ps Gary Chan / Comments: 0

Good morning, I am so glad you’re here with us as we go into the Word together. A huge shout out of gratitude to the worship team, production teams, our beautiful welcome team and every person that makes this hybrid Sunday worship services possible. It’s so wonderful that we can […]

24/04/2022 24
Apr 2022

Meeting Thomas

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed!  This Easter season – we return to the lectionary for our sermon series.   For those who are new to us, we use Menti as an engagement tool so you can participate as we reflect and build up this sermon together. You can scan the […]

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