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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015

Date: 22/11/2015/Speaker: Ps Pauline Ong & Friends

Invited Panelists:
1) Christopher Khor, Some Reassembly Required
Christopher is a young filmmaker and is working on Some Reassembly Required, Singapore’s first documentary about transgender men. He’s passionate about social causes, and hopes to raise the visibility of transgender people in Singapore. He also spends a lot of time trying to grow a proper beard.

2) Sherry SherQueShaa, Project X
Sherry is a transgender woman who is working with Project X (a Singapore non-profit organization fighting for the rights of sex workers) as a researcher and writer. Being both a transwoman and a Muslim humanist has given her a greater exposure to issues and motivates her to continue her advocacy work for this marginalized community.

3) Tricia Leong
Tricia Leong is a transwoman who believes that even though Transgender Day of Remembrance is in its 18th year since its founding in 1998, the situation has not gotten better for the community. Tricia draws her motivation from Kate Bornstein and is inspired to be a transgender warrior.

4) Mich Chow
Mich, a pre-testosterone, pre-operation transman who is still constantly exploring, has been attending FCC since March 2014 and has not attended any other church regularly prior. All his life, Mich has felt that something was different but could not pinpoint it – and realizes eventually he’s indeed different, yet not alone. Nowadays, Mich is busy being authentic and working towards a truer self. He has no particular preference to any specific pronoun to address him, so long as there is still love and understanding in this world.

5) Alex
Alex has been attending FCC since 2012 and identifies as gender neutral. Alex’s preferred pronouns to be addressed is “they” and “Mx” (pronounced as Mix) as an honorific. Alex also plans to be a member of the church this year and is very much looking forward to it.

1) Pauline Ong, FCC
Pauline is one of the pastors at FCC. She is passionate about nurturing the spiritual and emotional growth of individuals and communities. She believes everyone is loved by God regardless of identity or orientation.
Small Luk’s video sharing during Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015