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18/06/2023 18
Jun 2023

Wholeheartedly – Reconciliation With Our Past

Speaker: Yan Mei / Comments: 0

 Sermon (18/6)  Reconciliation with our past  Today we are going to talk about the story of Joseph, which I think most people are familiar with. But before we start, let me tell you a story. Do you all like to eat apples?   When you buy an apple, do you look […]

11/06/2023 11
Jun 2023

Wholeheartedly – Where We Start

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

Wholeheartedly: Where We Start 11 Jun 2023 Miak Siew (FCC)  Good morning!   I hope nobody turned up last Sunday on site when we were in Batam for our church retreat! We had a good time with more than a hundred attending – the most we ever had at a church retreat. There […]

28/05/2023 28
May 2023

Fully Alive! – Fires of Understanding

Speaker: Ps Pauline Ong / Comments: 0

Fully Alive: Fires of UnderstandingActs 2:1-2128 May 2023 This Sunday, we will be concluding our preaching series, Fully Alive! as we celebrate Pentecost Sunday. What is the significance of Pentecost? What was the Spirit of God trying to accomplish in the lives of all believers that special day? And how […]

14/05/2023 14
May 2023

Fully Alive! – Mending

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

Fully Alive! – Mending14 May 2023Miak Siew (FCC) Last month, Rabbi Miriam shared about according to the Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, that God’s primordial light, this first light, created on the first day of creation were placed into 10 holy vessels. But alas, those vessels were too fragile for […]

07/05/2023 07
May 2023

Fully Alive! – BE-Living

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

Be-living7 May 2023Miak Siew This morning we continue our sermon series “Fully Alive!” For those who are new to us, we use menti as a way to engage and reflect and build the sermon together. You can scan the QR code or go to the URL so you participate. […]

30/04/2023 30
Apr 2023

Fully Alive! – BE-Longing

Speaker: Ps Pauline Ong / Comments: 0

Fully Alive: BE-Longing30 April 2023 This morning, I want to begin by reading Ps. 23 to you. You can choose to close your eyes and just listen, letting the words sink deep into your hearts. Or you can follow along with me on the visuals if that helps you absorb […]

23/04/2023 23
Apr 2023

Fully Alive!

Speaker: Rabbi Miriam Farber Wajnberg / Comments: 0

(slide 1) In the beginning. Before there was anything, there was chaos and void, what the Torah of my tradition calls tohu va’vohu. And – there was God. At the beginning of time, God’s presence filled the universe. The Jewish mystical tradition, kabbalah, teaches that when God decided to bring […]

16/04/2023 16
Apr 2023

Fully Alive! – Kin-dom

Speaker: Rev Miak Siew / Comments: 0

Christ is Risen! Christ is risen indeed! This proclamation is a reminder of what we believe. We are now in the liturgical season of Easter – the 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday, and we are kicking off a new sermon arc – Fully Alive! Why fully alive? […]

09/04/2023 09
Apr 2023

Easter Sunday

Speaker: Rev Miak, Ps Pauline, Members Sharing / Comments: 0

Easter Sunday 2023 – The Empty Tomb 2 minutes before service, service countdown begins. Call to Worship – Pauline and Miak P: Out of the darkness of grief and despaircomes a message of hope. Christ is risen. All: Christ is risen indeed!M: We run to the tomb to see for […]

02/04/2023 02
Apr 2023

Palm Sunday

Speaker: Ps Gary Chan / Comments: 0

02 APR 2023 – Palm SundayGary Chan Good morning, my name is Gary and I am so glad you’re here with us as we go into the Word together. A huge shout out of gratitude to our wonderful service teams that makes these hybrid Sunday worship services possible. And a […]

26/03/2023 26
Mar 2023

Ashes: Unbinding

Speaker: Ps Pauline Ong / Comments: 0

Ashes: UnbindingJohn 11:1-45, Ezekiel 37:1-1426 March 2023 Opening Prayer As you met with me in the preparation, now meet with us in the proclamation.Speak a word of life into your people. Speak a word of life over your people.To the heart that is broken, Lord, speak a word of healing.To […]

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